Cummins-Allison Unveils Tabletop Currency Scanner with Serial Number Capture and Full Note Imaging for the Law Enforcement Industry

PROSPECT, IL—Cummins-Allison, the leading innovator and provider of coin and currency handling solutions, today announced the availability of its JetScan iFX™ i100 currency scanner with serial number capture and full note imaging. The expanded features of the i100 offer law enforcement agencies the fastest and most accurate means for prepping buy money, counting seized currency and documenting money for evidence. The tabletop currency scanner identifies the denomination, records serial number data and captures a two-sided digital image of every bill – all at 1,200 notes per minute.

Cummins-Allison President Doug Mennie said, “Many agencies are counting cash by hand and spending hours photocopying seized currency for evidence documentation. We have worked closely with law enforcement agencies to deliver groundbreaking technology that saves officers hours of time and provides solid evidentiary value. The new features of the JetScan iFX make it possible for a single officer to count and properly document thousands of dollars in minutes.”

For one customer, the Pennsylvania Attorney General Bureau of Narcotics Investigation, the new technology translates to more time in the field for agents. The Northeast Regional Director of the Bureau of Narcotics Investigation, John Soprano said, “It saves us valuable time, and gives us more time to spend going after the drug dealers rather than sitting in the office counting and photocopying money.”

In addition to processing evidence money more efficiently, the JetScan iFX i100 links with Cummins-Allison Image Management Software (IMS) to manage digital images of seized currency. Officers can search for bills by serial number and instantly generate reports by case number, date or officer name. IMS also identifies matching serial numbers between buy money and seized money, providing a strong evidentiary chain.

According to Mennie, the portability of the i100 has also been significant for the law enforcement market. “The machine can be carried along to a crime scene to quickly document currency onsite, eliminating any doubts regarding the chain of evidence.”

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About Cummins-Allison
Cummins-Allison is a global leader in developing technologies which count, sort and authenticate currency. The U.S.-based company has a 100+ year heritage of leadership in technology and product innovation and currently serves the majority of financial institutions worldwide, as well as leading organizations in retail, casinos, law enforcement and government. The company holds more than 350 U.S. patents and has ongoing research and development (R&D) investments double the industry average. Cummins-Allison is headquartered near Chicago, IL with R&D centers near San Diego, CA and Philadelphia, PA and wholly owned subsidiaries in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and France. The company also has an extensive sales and service network with more than 50 offices in North America and is represented in over 70 countries. For more information, visit

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