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When time and resources are of the essence, and new information is constantly needing to be collected, stored, managed, analyzed and used more effectively, rely on our Records & Evidence Software to empower your team and information to be more productive. 00:00 - Information is the most important resource your team has to serve and protect your community. Motorola Solutions Records & Evidence Software 00:06 - But collecting and compiling it for investigation takes too much time and too many resources. 00:12 - And actually using the information to improve your operations requires too much manual effort. 00:17 - It doesn’t have to be this hard. 00:19 - With our Command Center Software, empower your team and information to be more productive. Here’s how: 00:25 - Reports are pre-populated with data gathered by the team throughout an incident. 00:30 - Any further information entered by the officer is validated for consistency and reporting compliance before updating the master record. 00:39 - Officers can record statements, take pictures, fill out any additional forms, and add a narrative to the report - all on-scene and in a matter of minutes. 00:49 - Later, when detectives open the case folder, they’ll find the incident report and all associated content - the call and radio traffic recordings, video, images, statements and more. 01:01 - Detectives examine evidence and historical information from new angles, helping to identify suspects and make arrests. 01:09 - Corrections Officers receive information to streamline the booking process. Prosecutors have access to the complete case file for trial, kept secure with an audit log verifying chain of custody. 01:21 - Going forward, the information is used to increase awareness, develop future patrol strategies and improve transparency and community partnership. 01:31 - Expect more from your technology. 01:33 - Our Command Center Software for Records and Evidence helps your team complete reports faster, close cases more efficiently and fight crime smarter... so you can serve and protect more effectively. 01:47 - Save clicks. Save seconds. Save lives.

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