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September 2009 Roundup: Forensic Supplies

PoliceOne is focusing on news, products and information about Forensic Supplies, also known as Crime Scene Supplies, throughout the month of September 2009. Be sure to check out some of the latest Forensic Supplies products and technologies available for law enforcement today. To help make the most informed Forensic Supplies purchasing decision, be sure to reference PoliceOne's Forensic Supplies: How to Buy.

Just Released ImageMASSter Solo-4 Forensic from ICS
The Image MASSter Solo-4 features built-in support for SAS and SATA drives. All "Evidence" drives can be encrypted "on-the-fly" during the acquisition process to protect sensitive data during transportation. Allows users to forensically capture "Suspect" data from networked drives and folders as well as upload images to Storage Area Networks (SAN). Visit www.icsforensic.com to pre-order today.

The Forensic Dossier from Logicube
Hard drives and flash media devices contain valuable digital data that can help forensic investigators build a criminal case. The Forensic Dossier® represents the sixth generation of computer forensic solutions from Logicube. This high-speed solution captures and authenticates at speeds approaching 6GB/min! The Dossier can capture data from one or two suspect drives to either one or two evidence drives simultaneously. Designed to meet the complex challenges of digital forensic investigations now and into the future. Learn more at www.logicubeforensics.com.

Digit 10® Inkless Fingerprinting System

The Digit 10 ® system is the cleanest method of fingerprinting on the market. Utilizing a unique inkless formulation, the Digit 10 ® system produces permanent black prints on any fingerprint card. Simply roll the fingers on the chemically-treated pad, then roll the fingers on the fingerprint card, leaving undeveloped red prints. The cards are then placed in the Digit 10 ® unit with a developer sheet and in approximately 40 seconds, permanent, black fingerprints that meet all FBI requirements will develop. Visit www.forensicsource.com for more product details.

Susteen's Secure View Kit for Forensics

Secure View for Forensics is the ultimate software and hardware solution which provides law enforcement, corporate security and forensics consultants with logical data extraction of the content stored in the mobile phone. Investigators can now gain access to vital information in seconds without the need to wait for crime reports. Visit www.datapilot.com to download the SecureView for Forensics Trial Version from Susteen.

For more information on Forensic Supplies news, products and technologies, visit the PoliceOne Forensic Supplies Product Category.

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