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Intelligent Computer Solutions Presents the COBRA

The first device in a new line of small hardware accelerator products aimed at the computer forensic and data processing market.

Chatsworth, CA - Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc (ICS) has announced its new innovative product line of hardware accelerators for computer forensic and data processing applications.

ICS, which pioneered the hard drive duplication market 17 years ago, has consistently innovated the IT and computer forensic markets with portable and advanced tools such as the Image MASSter line, the Drive Locks line, and the Link MASSter and Road MASSter lines. ICS is now branching into advanced hardware accelerator products aimed at computer forensic and security applications.

The advanced portable and expandable hardware accelerator, COBRA, is the fruit of a development effort that began over two years ago. One of the first hardware accelerator products of its kind, the Cobra (COde BReaking Accelerator), will be released in May of 2007. The Cobra is an advanced unit that will tremendously accelerate password breaking by providing multiple SHA-1 engines which run in parallel. SHA-1 calculations are the key algorithm used to open commonly encrypted files. The Cobra interfaces include USB2, IDE and SATA.

"The unit will allow password cracking software (such as Access Data) to open ZIP, RAR and other encrypted files at speeds exponentially faster than what is currently available," says Gonen Ravid, president and CEO of ICS. The hardware accelerator product line draws significant interest from law enforcement agencies as well as privet investigators and IT specialists.

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