Logicube Debuts New Celldek Tek Mobile Phone and PDA Data Capturing Solution

CHATSWORTH, CA. - Logicube® Inc., the industry’s leader in digital forensic technologies, will debut its newest eforensics solution at the TechnoSecurity 2007 Conference and Expo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this week.

Developed in cooperation with Forensic Science Service Ltd. (FSS®) the CellDEK® TEK is the second solution to be launched by the partnership. The first, the highly successful CellDEK®, was announced in 2005 and has been adopted by government and law enforcement agencies around the world. CellDEK TEK was designed for the technically proficient forensic investigator in both public and private sectors who requires a comprehensive, compact and affordable data extraction solution.

“Cellular devices and PDAs have become ubiquitous and the use of these devices in criminal activities has skyrocketed. Investigators need sophisticated tools that can keep pace with complex and advancing mobile technology”, commented Farid Emrani, COO of Logicube. “CellDEK TEK provides users with an affordable, easy to use, but technically advanced data capture solution. After the introduction of CellDEK, extensive market research we conducted indicated that some segments of the market wanted a scalable version of our original CellDEK that allowed them to use their own laptop or desktop PC and offered a choice of options”, continued Emrani. “CellDEK TEK meets those requirements and provides an affordable opportunity to acquire this innovative technology.”

The light weight and compact size of the CellDEK TEK is attractive to experienced forensic professionals who need a solution that can work both in the lab and at the crime scene. CellDEK TEK’s software allows for easy identification of cell phones and PDAs and also features intuitive selfselecting device adapters (racked neatly in the solution’s rugged case) that quickly light up to match the selected phone or PDA. Capturing standard data from cell phones and PDAs in less than 5 minutes, the CellDEK TEK utilizes MD5 hash for data integrity and security. Typical mobile device data such as call logs, dialed calls, received calls, phonebook entries, text messages from SIM as well as video and audio files can be extracted with CellDEK TEK.

“The combined strengths of our two organizations have resulted in the development of a comprehensive digital forensic solution for mobile devices,” said Mel Moffatt, Commercial Director for International Sales at the FSS.” CellDEK TEK will meet the unique challenges forensic investigators are faced with in today’s complex digital world.”

The CellDEK TEK is a complete hardware solution, with no additional hardware subscriptions or licenses minimizing the total cost of ownership. A full complement of options is available so users can customize CellDEK TEK pre- or post-purchase to suit their specific field or lab requirements. An optional quarterly software update subscription is also available to ensure that the CellDEK TEK is compatible with the latest mobile phone devices. Logicube will begin shipping CellDEK TEK at the end of July.

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