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FINALDATA’s New FINALMobile Forensics 2.0 Acquires and Analyzes Comprehensive Data from CDMA Mobile Devices

With FINALMobile Forensics 2.0, forensics investigators now have a powerful tool to retrieve and analyze entire file systems from CDMA cellular phones

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FINALDATA, a global leader in data recovery solutions, today announced its FINALMobile Forensics 2.0, a new forensics investigative tool for CDMA phones that retrieves comprehensive data such as deleted items, lock codes, and system files. With its advanced analysis features, FINALMobile Forensics allows digital forensics investigators and law enforcement officials to easily and efficiently perform critical tasks during mobile phone investigations. And, when combined with FINALShield, a portable RF signal-blocking device, FINALMobile can ensure the data integrity of acquisitions.

Unlike current competing products that typically offer limited data acquisition, FINALMobile attempts to retrieve the entire file system off a phone, often including deleted data. Deleted data may reveal essential evidence relevant to an investigation, but until the development of FINALMobile, this data had been difficult to retrieve.

Featuring an intuitive and straightforward interface, FINALMobile makes it simple for investigators to not only acquire data but also extensively analyze it. Its advanced analysis software allows investigators to quickly view and capture data to create customized reports. Additionally, its powerful search functions encourage rapid filtering of data. Convenience tools such as decoding scrambled phone numbers and time zone calculation also accompany FINALMobile.

Use of CDMA cellular phones is increasing. According to the CDMA Development Group, the CDMA subscriber rate grew nearly 9% between June 2007 and June 2008. As of March 2008, CDMA also made up a majority of total US cell phone market share at 51%. The top three CDMA phone manufacturers during that period included LG Electronics, Motorola®, and Samsung®.


  • Currently available worldwide
  • $3,295 MSRP

Today the market consists of solutions that focus primarily on GSM phones. But, with the growth of CDMA devices, investigators need another weapon for their forensic arsenal, said Jessica Lee, Managing Director-Worldwide. FINALMobile Forensics combines the ability to retrieve comprehensive data with advanced analysis features to produce the most powerful solution for this need.

Testers from U.S. and Canadian law enforcement agencies have provided positive feedback, including James Smith, Senior Police Officer, Criminal Intelligence Division, US Secret Service HITEC Computer Forensics Unit:

I was able to get the pin lock codeI could not get it with any other software...It had been sitting waiting for a PUK [PIN Unlocking Key] code for about 2 months.

Acquirable files include:

  • Call logs
  • Deleted items
  • Images
  • Internet connection logs
  • Lock codes
  • Memos
  • SMS and MMS
  • Phonebooks
  • System files
  • Video clips
  • Voice files

Features and Benefits

  • Acquire logical files/folders from major CDMA manufacturers, including Audiovox®, LG, Motorola, Sanyo®, and Samsung
  • Acquire physical memory dumps over USB from several Motorola and LG models
  • Extract and display most lock codes
  • Supports manufacturers drivers and standardized data cables
  • Supports multiple protocol plug-ins to optimize data acquisition from the latest devices
  • Extensive analysis options of the phones file system
  • Analyze raw (physical) memory dumps
  • View hidden data and deleted data
  • Customize reports
  • Export files and launch with external programs
  • Quickly filter data using powerful search functions
  • Decode scrambled phone numbers, dates, and times

For more information: www.finaldata.com

FINALDATA is a global leader in data recovery solutions. Through our extensive knowledge of file systems and databases, we build and develop reliable solutions for companies and individuals that meet their specific recovery needs. With the proliferation of mobile devices and their convergence into our daily lives, we recognized the need to leverage our expertise and have introduced both computer-based and mobile device forensic solutions.

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