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Intelligent Computer Solutions Announces New Digital Forensic Storage Solutions

New Large Volume RAID Data Storage Systems Are Designed to Overcome the Challenges Faced in Today’s Forensic Acquisition Environment

Chatsworth, Calif.-- Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS), the innovators of the high speed, hard drive forensic data acquisition Image MASSter™ product line, announces today the availability of Digital Forensic Storage Solutions (DFSS) for the Image MASSter™ Solo-4 High-Speed Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator.

The ICS Digital Forensic Storage Solutions (DFSS) are large volume RAID Data Storage Systems that work seamlessly with the Image MASSter Solo-4 or connected directly to a Forensics Computer. The DFSS Systems were developed to overcome the unpredictability of suspect drives’ size and to streamline the management of high capacity hard drive image storage. Additionally, the systems allow the investigators to acquire multiple Suspect drives simultaneously, facilitate the transportation of evidence images from the field to the lab and insure the protection of valuable evidence data.

“The unique versatility of the Image MASSter Solo-4 allowed us to quickly build different DFSS systems to meet multiple investigators’ needs,” stated Ezra Kohavi, ICS President. “For example, an investigator who is on site and requires the imaging of multiple suspect computers, over a multiple day period of time could potentially utilize a single Solo-4 and either one or multiple DFSS Systems to image one, two, three, or even four suspect hard drives simultaneously. At the end of each day the investigator could transport or ship only the DFSS Systems back to the lab to begin processing the collected evidence while keeping the Solo-4 in the field performing additional required tasks.”

Because each investigator is unique and has unique needs and requirements, ICS offers multiple DFSS Systems each tailored to a specific need. The PCIe Data Storage Systems combine a storage array of either 4TB or 8TB of space with the addition of interface expandability through two PCIe expansion slots where users can easily install exchangeable PCIe Controller Cards. The USB 3.0/eSATA Data Storage System provides an inexpensive solution to store up to 8TB of data utilizing standard USB 2 or high-speed (USB 3 or eSATA) connections. The SAS/SATA Data Storage System provides investigators with 12TB of storage space and the option of unlimited expandability by combining multiple storage systems together.

Furthermore, utilizing the IM Solo-4 native 1GB Ethernet connection, users can automatically share digital evidence data with local and remote team investigators without the need to purchase any special, expensive storage docking devices to connect to the network.

About Intelligent Computer Solutions

ICS is a pioneer in disk drive duplication, having first introduced this technology to the world in 1991, in a US patented device. For over twenty years ICS has focused on providing cutting-edge solutions to the Computer Hardware Manufacturers, large IT Organizations, and small IT Departments around the world. ICS also supports state, local and federal government, Law Enforcement communities and the growing private digital forensics investigation sector through the development of leading edge digital forensics hardware and software technology used in some of the most complex digital forensics investigations today. ICS’ product line includes: Handheld IT and Forensic Duplicators, Industrial Multi-Drive Duplicators, Portable Forensic Workstations, Hard Drive Sanitization Units, Write Protection devices and more. Learn more about ICS at www.ics-iq.com.  

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