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Uncover Over 99% of Detectable Evidence with UltraLite ALS

Ultralite ALS forensic lights use Blue-Merge Technology (BMT™) Turbo technology. BMT™ Turbo is the perfect merging of forensic wavelengths. It is proven that shorter wavelengths such as 450 nm are more useful in body fluids, teeth and bone fragments, bite marks and bruise work, while longer wavelengths such as 480 nm are more useful in finding trace evidence and fingerprint work. BMT™ mixes a unique profi le of forensic wavelengths to produce the perfect blend. With the BMT™ light you only need to go over the scene or evidence one time with one filter to complete 99.5% of evidence detection, collection, and documentation work.

Power Output
The UltraLite ALS® in BMT™ Turbo produces over 2000 milliwatts of power. The UltraLite ALS® with BMT™ Turbo produces more blue wavelength output power than any other semiconductor based ALS. Each unit has an output intensity selector button that allows you to select 500 mw, 1000 mw, 1500 mw, and 2000 mw.

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