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FNames™ Stealth Provides Lead Generation and Intelligence-Gathering Software

Jacksonville, Fla. - Armor Forensics, a unit of the Armor Holdings Products Division, is offering the perfect solution for lead generation and intelligence-gathering software. The new NTI FNames™ Stealth is a software tool that identifies the names of individuals stored on a computer, including those stored in deleted file space and other hidden data areas.

The product was specifically designed to assist law enforcement in identifying theft cases and in intelligence gathering. It also has military applications, as it automatically recognizes Arabic and English names. Paroled sex offenders are often prohibited from having contact with certain individuals. FNames™ Stealth assists parole and probation officers in determining whether the names of those prohibited are on the offender's computer.

FNames™ Stealth's patented technology identifies first, middle and last names, titles associated with a name and certain European formats for names. Its patented logic uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns of data that likely represent the names of individuals.

FNames™ Stealth is available on a bootable floppy diskette, CD or as part of a complete computer forensics pre-processing suite for use on almost every computer configuration in use today. For more information, visit: www.forensics-intl.com/fnames.html or call (503) 661-6912.

About Armor Holdings Products Division
The Armor Holdings Products Division manufactures and sells a broad range of high-quality security products, equipment and related consumable items marketed under brand names that are well established in the military, law enforcement and private-security communities.

About Armor Holdings
Armor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AH) is a diversified manufacturer of branded products for the military, law enforcement and personnel safety markets. The Armor Holdings Products Division, Armor Mobile Security Division and Aerospace and Defense Group provide products such as body armor, less-lethal munitions, officer duty gear, armoring for vehicles and crashworthy aircraft seating. Additional information about the Company can be found at www.armorholdings.com.

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