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Call Recording in a Tiny Box

San Antonio, TX (December 1, 2007)-Vidicode is pleased to announce a call recording line that will allow police and investigative agencies the ability to call record at an affordable price.   This line of products begins with a little call recorder call the “Softcall”.  This unique device allows you to record by connecting directly to you handset and store the calls directly on the hardrive of your PC.  This allows you to playback calls in an easy to use software application.

 The software that comes with the Softcall will allow you to archive hundreds of hours of recorded telephone calls based on date, time, and name. Up to six Soft Call Recorders can be connected to a PC for simultaneous recording.   This product is a cost effective solution for business call recording, conducting investigative interviews, or other occasional recording needs. This Soft Call Recorder works entirely automatically and produces high audio quality needed for statements during police investigations.   

 There are two versions of this call recorder on called the “Soft Call Classic, “that has an interface between a telephone or telephone line and the soundcard of the PC.  The other is called the “Soft Call USB,” which records all phone-calls automatically onto the hard disk of a PC, without using the PC soundcard. The Soft Call Recorder USB is the interface between a telephone or telephone line and the USB port of the PC. 

This product is manufactured by Vidicode which is located in the Neitherlands.   Vidicode has been manufacturing call recording products since 1983.     Currently Commercial Electronics is the US distributer for their line of call recording products which can range from the Softcall up to call recording solutions for T1 lines.  The Softcall Classic retails for $180.00 and the Softcall USB $225.00. These and other Vidicode call recorder products can be purchased at Commercial Electronics website.  

For information, samples, or pictures regarding this product or any of the call recording products please visit the US Vidicode site at www.vidicodeus.com or call Commercial Electronics at 1-866-867-5206.

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