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Commercial Electronics Launches Call Recording Campaign

San Antonio, TX-Commercial Electronics Corp. has launched a call recording campaign for public safety to integrate Vidicode call recorders into operations and quality control management. Call recording which is vital to 911 call centers will be accessible to police agencies across the board at a fraction of the price from current call recording systems. State and Municipal agencies needing voice documentation can obtain a call recording system for single line recording or multiline recording.

These call recording products are manufactured by Vidicode based in the Netherlands. Growth of Vidicode products in Europe has enabled them to open into other markets. So far there are a few distributers in the US. Commercial Electronics Corp. will help introduce Vidicode call recorders into the US though proactive marketing and awareness campaign. Commercial Electronics Corp. (CEC) has currently provided call recording products/services for various markets such as 911 call centers, transportation services, medical and financial industry since 1983. CEC plans to bring Vidicode call recording solutions to law enforcement beginning January, 2008. In addition, a fully functional
e-commerce site provided allows for local departments to gather information about Vidicode products and purchase them in a user friendly checkout process.

Standard business practices require accountability of employees who conduct business over the phone, especially companies in which call quality is critical to their business. Vidicode call recorders have allowed businesses to move from paper trail to more reliable voice trial. Mark Stemmerman founder and CEO states,” It really is our goal to bring awareness to law enforcement and other vertical markets of the affordability of these call recording solutions and to help establish a state of the art recording system to their existing need. Over time we are confident that other markets will see the value of recording calls and the criticalness of voice trail documentation. “

For information, samples, or pictures regarding this product or any of these call recording products, visit the US Vidicode site at www.vidicodeus.com or call Commercial Electronics at 1-866-867-5206.

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