Identity Sciences Introduces a New, Fast Forensic Human I.D. Test

ALPHARETTA, — Identity Sciences, LLC (IDS), with its strategic science partner the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), has developed a new forensic human identification test, AbP ID(TM), which delivers accurate, reliable results in two hours. AbP ID does not use DNA; instead, it reads special antibodies, Individual Specific Auto-antibodies (ISAs), found in all human body tissues and fluids. Each individual, including twins, has an antibody profile that is totally unique.

The AbP ID test can determine whether the antibody profile of the evidence found at a crime scene matches the profile of a suspect. It works on blood serum and dried blood, providing results in just two hours. Other AbP ID tests using semen, saliva and perspiration are in development and will deliver results in less than five hours.

AbP ID does not require expensive equipment or highly skilled lab technicians and training can be completed within hours. AbP ID tests do not have to be sent out to specialized labs where they can get caught up in lengthy backlogs; they can be conducted in any law enforcement crime lab. They do not require large evidence specimens; about 1/20th of a drop is sufficient. A proprietary software program, Image ID(TM), works hand-in-hand to read the AbP ID test results and determine whether there is a match or no match between the evidence and a suspect.

AbP ID tests will initially be most effective as a screening tool to determine which suspects and evidence should undergo DNA testing. Because they provide accurate results quickly, AbP ID tests can be a supplemental tool to DNA testing, saving invaluable investigative time and effort

AbP ID has been successfully tested using evidence from a variety of substrates and surfaces subjected to varying conditions. It is anticipated that AbP ID tests will be available to crime labs and law enforcement agencies in late 2009

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