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i2 Inc. Introduces iCentral Enterprise Investigation and Intelligence Management Software

Submitted by Debbie Molis

iCentral streamlines processes, delivers 360° knowledge management

McLean, VA — July 15, 2008 — i2 Inc., the leading provider of visual investigative analysis software, today unveiled the next evolution in investigative intelligence: i2 iCentral enterprise investigation and intelligence management. iCentral is the only investigation management solution to deliver complete 360° visibility and management of intelligence data. With the ability to tap into a full range of investigative data sources across the enterprise — from basic intelligence on people and their properties to biometrics — organizations can quickly focus in on clues and details that help them solve investigations faster.

The iCentral platform combines comprehensive intelligence management with:

--the unmatched power of i2 analysis to expose hidden relationships and patterns,
--automated workflow tools for seamless information-sharing among disciplines across organizations, and
--investigative tools to drive strategic and tactical decision-making.

"iCentral goes beyond today's traditional data viewing and searching. It empowers organizations to boost the capacity of enterprise data to solve cases — by extending information visibility and accessibility to investigative staff at all levels across the enterprise," said Todd Drake, i2 Americas general manager. "Now, investigators, analysts, managers and staff can work within a single collaborative environment to capture, access, analyze, manage and share critical investigative data. As a result, organizations are better equipped to make more accurate and informed decisions."

With secure network and remote Web access, iCentral offers flexibility and scalability that empowers organizations in areas encompassing case management, intelligence-led policing, data fusion, tips/leads management and incident reporting. The rigorous security model provides information access tailored to an organization's needs, while maximizing data protection and minimizing risk.

Powerful capabilities include:

Enterprise data capture and tracking: Offering an enterprise data warehouse to manually or automatically centralize investigative data from across the enterprise and access, analyze and manage that data by case or role. Details on status, assignments and history of cases across the organization make it easier to identify where data and investigations stand at any time.

Investigative discovery: Enabling customers to quickly hone in on key factors, relationships and patterns buried in data with innovative tools including biometric matching, robust search & visual queries, drill-down views, integrated link analysis and geographic mapping. When coupled with Analyst's Notebook, i2's flagship product, iCentral extends an organization's analytical capabilities over 10X beyond any other investigative management solution.

Tasking and workflow automation: Powering tasking and work assignments seamlessly across any discipline or team in an organization, with alerts that indicate updates and potential new connections to investigations. This ensures the investigation incorporates key steps and details and encourages information sharing.

Reporting: Generating and disseminating detailed views — by case and across cases — that facilitate further information-sharing, analysis, planning and investigation management.

With a seamless flow of information and activity using iCentral, organizations can bridge the information gap between analysts, investigators and managers throughout their organizations.

"We understand the need for the investigative community to respond to increasingly complex investigations under significant time and resource pressures," said Elaine Clevenger, i2 Americas vice president. "iCentral reaffirms i2's commitment to streamline the investigative process and enable this community to do more with limited resources."

iCentral is interoperable with i2 analysis software including i2 Analyst's Notebook. It is available in North America. Learn more about iCentral at the i2 Web site: www.i2inc.com.  

About i2 Inc.
i2 is the leading worldwide provider of visual investigative analysis software for law enforcement, government, military, intelligence and commercial organizations. Our integrated suite of products enables investigators and analysts to quickly understand complex scenarios and volumes of seemingly unrelated data, perform analysis and communicate the results. For nearly 20 years, i2's products have proven instrumental in helping to solve cases of fraud, drug trafficking, counterterrorism, national security, corporate security and more. That is why more than 2,000 organizations in over 100 countries rely on i2 for investigative and intelligence analysis.

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