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Ping Identity Helps Regional Information Sharing Systems® Extend Information Sharing Across Law Enforcement Agencies

(Business Wire)Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS)Ping Identity.

A federally funded program with more than 8,500 member agencies, RISS supports efforts to combat terrorist activity, illegal drug trafficking, organized criminal activity, and other criminal priorities across jurisdictional lines.

When RISS launched the TCP initiative in 2006, the organization wanted to provide member law enforcement agencies with an alternative way to access RISSNET™ resources without requiring the use of RISS-issued credentials. PingFederate met this requirement and RISS’s success has led to its involvement in two additional federated-identity-based information sharing projects in which RISS uses Ping Identity’s solutions to expand access to RISS resources beyond its member agencies. RISS believes this will change the way that law enforcement agencies collaborate to fight crime.

“PingFederate is a central piece in federated identity management solutions used by RISS today in federal, state, and local justice space,” said Hank Oleyniczak, RISS Deputy Chief Technology Officer - Operations. “It was easy to install, gives us the SAML-based support we need to connect with any of our federated partners and is backed by a Ping Identity team that we trust.”

PingFederate is now a critical tool in RISS’ involvement in two justice-related information sharing federations: The Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program (LEISP), and the National Information Exchange Federation (NIEF) which uses the Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM) standards for federations. Both federations facilitate timely, secure information sharing across justice, public safety, emergency and disaster management, intelligence, and homeland security agencies at federal, state, and local levels.

“It’s especially edifying to make an impact on the way that RISS is helping international police organizations fight crime,” said Doug Popik, Director of Mid Atlantic and Government for Ping Identity. “We look forward to continue to work closely with RISS to further the progress we’ve made across current and future government initiatives.”

About Ping Identity Corporation
Ping Identity is the market leader in Internet Identity Security, delivering on-premise software and on-demand services for Internet Single Sign-On (SSO), Identity-Enabled Web Services and Internet User Account Management. More than 380 enterprises, government agencies, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors and online service providers worldwide rely on Ping Identity to streamline application access, reduce administrative costs, generate additional revenue and improve security. Visit www.pingidentity.com for additional information.

About RISS
Regional Information Sharing Systems is a federally funded program that provides information sharing services, investigative analysis support, equipment sharing, investigative funds support, training, and technical assistance to more than 8,500 member agencies. RISS services help local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement and criminal justice agencies identify, target, and remove criminal conspiracies and activities spanning multijurisdictional, multistate and, sometimes, international boundaries. Visit www.riss.net for more information.

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