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Special Olympics Missouri and MyContact411 Partner for Special Needs Safety

Use your current cell phone as a tool to protect your family

ST. LOUIS Special Olympics Missouri and MyContact411 have announced a partnership to protect children and adults with special needs with the My Child Safeguard safety service.  My Child Safeguard a family safety service that protects identities and creates a direct link to a parent’s cell phone in case of separation, illness, accident or lost property.  Law Enforcement, Special Olympics staff, or a Good Samaritan can contact the parent or guardian without knowing their cell phone number.  Through a marketing agreement, fans of Special Olympics receive a discount on the My Child Safeguard safety membership and Special Olympics receives donations from MyContact411.  As part of the agreement, Special Olympics will use MyContact411’s Field Trip Safeguard service to help protect the athletes at the events.

“Today’s society uses cell phones as an integral part of our daily lives, but we also have to be extremely vigilant about protecting our personal information,” said Bob Bira, Co-Founder and CEO of MyContact411. “You wouldn’t post your cell phone number on your front door, or because of the fear of child predators, you should not put your child’s name or you phone number on their book bag and belongings. MyContact411 lets individuals create a direct link from loved ones and possessions to their cell phone while keeping their cell phone number and identity confidential.”

MyContact411 is part of the Missouri Police Chief’s Association Business and Law Enforcement Partnership and members of the Missouri Sheriff’s Association.  For more information or to purchase a membership, visit www.somo.org/safeguard.

About Special Olympics Missouri
Special Olympics Missouri is a year-round program of sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with mental disabilities. More than 15,000 athletes participate in 21 Olympic-type sports throughout the state. Special Olympics provides people with mental disabilities continuing opportunities to develop fitness, demonstrate courage and experience joy as they participate in the sharing of gifts and friendship with other athletes, their families and the community.  

About MyContact411
MyContact411 is a leader in connection and safety services.  MyContact411 allows a good Samaritan or emergency official to contact you directly on your mobile phone without disclosing your cell phone number or identity.  You display your unique member number on a window sticker, key ring tag, wallet card ID, luggage tags, My Child Safeguard tags and wristbands a placard on your fence post or boat dock, or directly on any personal properties you want protected.  Optional high level medical alerts, alternate contact persons, and any other data can be made available for your protection. Your security is never compromised and the MyContact411 system is protected by industry-leading security technology. For more information, visit www.mycontact411.com or call 888-411-7400.


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