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Identi-Kit.net: They Can Run, But They Can't Hide

Put Your Suspects Online, Where Everyone Can See Them.

Identi-Kit introduces the world's first Web-based composite sketch tool. Identikit.net™ allows you to identify, investigate and apprehend suspects like never before. For the very first time, you can quickly create and circulate accurate facial composite sketches online, and broaden your search among a worldwide audience. Our exclusive Web-based platform allows almost instantaneous access to a wealth of investigative information, and it gives you an unprecedented ability to collaborate with our extensive network of law enforcement agencies and security organizations.

All the functionality of the original Identi-Kit backed by the collaborative power of the Web.

Identikit.net™ was designed by police officers for police officers and for anyone in the business of catching criminals. So it identifies suspects using the best composite-sketch tools available:

  • Over 5 billion possible facial composites available
  • Investigator Wizard tool prompts you through the basic interview options for a quick composite
  • Extensive facial-feature database includes multi-racial and multi-gender appearances
  • Witnesses see entire face, not fragmented portions, for faster and more accurate recall
  • Select new facial features in context with the current composite in progress
  • Menus and tool buttons allow you to shade, flip, move, scale up, scale down, and add or remove facial features with intuitive ease
  • Use almost any Internet connect computer - no dedicated, special machines
  • Internet connection not necessary with optional stand-alone version
Fight crime online at www.SWAT.SmithAndWesson.com

The Smith & Wesson Advanced Technology (S.W.A.T.) Web site is your portal to the online capabilities of Identikit.net™. Once you log on, you have complete access to our vast database of criminal-suspect information, which is shared and updated by law enforcement and security agencies all over the country and around the world.

All users will access the same facial composite library for searching, matching, downloading, uploading and publishing composite-sketch images. You will also be able to store information privately and securely, using a personal URL. The site itself will feature additional useful information, law enforcement tips, FAQs and 24-hour availability.

The S.W.A.T. Web site enables the full functionality of Identikit.net™:

  • Configure and manage your system online
  • Receive Web-delivered coursework and training
  • Manage your account with billing history, invoicing, payment and collection online
  • Enhance your standard package with supplemental image libraries, including aging and ethnic software
  • Interact with other investigators in the user forum
Powerful capabilities in an easy-to-use tool.

In addition to the full functionality you've come to expect from Identi-Kit, we've added the Web-based tools that bring your investigations into the 21st Century:

Initial Interview Tool
Piece together your composite quickly by asking these basic questions.

Sketching Tool
Modify and enhance your suspect image using just your Web browser.

Publish Sketch Tool
Post your composite online and add it to the central database. Index it by visual characteristics and specify any known identity information.

Search for Matching Sketch Tool
Look for probable matches based on your initial interview, existing sketch or identifying characteristics.

Line Up Tool
Display the results of your search in a line-up format suitable for use in witness interrogation.

Identify Suspect Tool
Add to the list of identifying information associated with any composite sketch, and update the original creator with changes by email.

Wanted Poster Tool
Create electronic wanted posters and upload them quickly and easily for identification online.

For more information on Smith & Wesson's Identi-kit or their Web-based composite sketch tool Identi-kit.net, please contact Ann Topor at (413) 747-3289 or visit www.identikit.net

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