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E-CRIME FIGHTER Announces New Website For Police Departments To Find Wanted Fugitives And Missing Persons

New York, NY - E-CRIME FIGHTER LLC is proud to introduce eCRIMEFIGHTER.COM: the most powerful website to post ads of wanted fugitives and missing persons on the internet. The site will allow police departments to easily place an ad of a wanted fugitive or missing person on the internet without typing any HTML code. The site also features powerful searching that will allow citizens to locate ads in their city or town.


Today there are thousands of webpages from police departments and other organizations such as Crime Stoppers that are hard to find find and also difficult to update. In order for someone to find these pages they have to use a search engine like Google.com. eCRIMEFIGHTER.COM was developed with this in mind; citizens will be able to log on to eCRIMEFIGHTER.COM and easily locate ads from any police department.


Many police department webpages are updated regularly but many are very outdated. The part of a police department’s website that needs the most updating is the ads of wanted fugitives and missing persons. Updating webpages can be very time consuming. With eCRIMEFIGHTER.COM police departments will save valuable time. All you have to do is enter the information and an ad is created for you.


Many police deparments do not have a webpage with wanted fugitves and missing persons. eCRIMEFIGHTER.COM will allow those police departments to easily create ads.


eCRIMEFIGHTER.COM is a total solution for police departments to post ads of wanted fugitives and missing persons on the internet. Join other police departments in using one central site where members of the public will easily find your ads. They wont have to search for your webpage in search engines. Also, eCRIMEFIGHTER.COM makes creating an ad much easier.


Using eCRIMEFIGHTER.COM is also very affordable. It costs only $600 per year to use the site. This allows a police department to place as many ads as they want on the site.

For more information, please visit www.ecrimefighter.com

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