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TACSCOPE Provides Vision in Blind Spots

Versatile Surveillance Periscope for Clearing Dangerous Spots

Los Angels, Calif., -- Initially used for stealth observation by early versions of the submarine, periscopes have become an important and integral part of military and law enforcement security and surveillance. The TACSCOPE from Security Pro USA (www.securityprousa.com) is the most economical and versatile surveillance device available. The hand held periscope has a variable 4X to 9X power zoom, with a Flashlight/Camera attachment providing the user with a surveillance instrument that can also be used in the dark to clear buildings, attics, or provide an image back to a command center, etc. while keeping the user out of harms way. The TACSCOPE can be carried hands free with a belt hook and is stored, ready to use, in an aluminum protective case. The TACSCOPE is made from a high quality aluminum alloy with high polished glass prisms and glass lenses. The eyepiece rubber cup can be folded back for use with glasses.

The TACSCOPE from Security Pro USA may save your life. In Iraq, US Marines found the TACSCOPE to be as effective as a second pair of eyes when peering around obstacles and barriers. Why risk your head when you can use this effective yet inexpensive surveillance tool. The TACSCOPE is an ideal companion in any combat situation. And with the flashlight and night vision capability, it's perfect even for night time surveillance.

TACSCOPE Applications include:

  • Surveillance
  • Stairwells
  • Clearing Dark Attics and Similar Enclosures
  • Over Walls
  • Into Windows, Rooms and Basements
  • Around Corners
  • Over Bushes, Fences etc
  • Into Containers and Dumpsters


About Security Pro USA
Security Pro USA is a state-of-the-art protection services agency designed to maintain a desired level of security in any given situation. Security Pro has been in the business since 1986, acting as security specialists providing consultation and solutions for security and investigation. From commercial and industrial, to residential security projects, Security Pro deploys the most effective tools and methods being used today. Security Pro combines conventional and unconventional methods of addressing today's security problems. Services include the use of discreet hardware such as video monitoring systems, alarms, access control, and fire detection as well as ballistic and military equipment. Security Pro is located in Los Angeles, California. Visit Security Pro at: www.securityprousa.com

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