Entree Wireless-Mobility Solutions For Demanding Applications

Entrée Wireless is a leading provider of wireless mobility solutions for demanding applications. The Entrée product line is designed to enhance communications for public safety, first responder and mobile personnel. The products are self contained, battery/solar powered equipment packages featuring a flexible, modular, man portable design for applications that require the rapid deployment of communication equipment to emergency, temporary and hard to wire locations.

3G/4.9Ghz/Wi-Fi Hotspots and Mesh Networks

The WBP-xxx Warrior Battery Pack is a rugged, selfcontained battery/charger/equipment package designed to bring portability to communication equipment in mobile, temporary, and hard-to-wire deployments. One popular application is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, which provides Internet access at disaster sites or impromptu gatherings or for video surveillance and sensor-net monitoring applications. The WBP operates on AC or up to 12 hours on the internal 84 watthour battery. It recharges in less than 3 hours via a builtin 3A charger. The internal 12V battery connects to standard car adaptors, to power routers or to quick charge a laptop or PDA. Currently the WBP supports CDMA, GSM and 4.9Ghz networks via equipment such as the Linksys G3G, Kyocera KR1, Junxion JB-1100b/e, Top Global MB8000, Airlink PinPoint/Raven, Airaya 4.9Ghz, and the Proxim 4900 and Firetide Hotport 6000 mesh routers. Routers, data cards and 3G service are generally provided by the system integrator. The case is rugged and water resistant. 13.5"L x 11.75"W x 6"D, 15 lbs.

Portable Wireless IP Video Cameras

The WBV-4GC Warrior Battery Pack is a compact, light weight case and battery pack for the Linksys WVC54GC wireless IP video camera. When combined with a Warrior hotspot, the video may be viewed over the Internet by typing the camera name into any browser. The WBV is designed for reliable rapid deployment - anywhere, anytime. The WBV-4GC operates on AC or up to 10 hours on the internal 44 watt-hour Li-Ion battery. It recharges in less than 3 hours. The WBV case is suitable for table top operation and has provision for wall or tripod mounting. The camera is not included. 6w x 5h x 4d, 3 lbs.

Tactical Communication Kits

The WBP-TCK Warrior Battery Pack is a rugged self contained man portable battery/charger/equipment package for deploying advanced communications to support Tactical Commands in emergency situations. The WBP case is configured for a rugged command and control laptop, a long range 3G/Wi-Fi router and a satellite phone. The router and sat phone combine to provide dual redundant Internet reach-back capability. The long range Wi-Fi will support PDAs, Laptops, sensors and other devices. The communication equipment and wireless data service are generally provided by the system integrator. The case is rugged and water resistant. 24.5L" x 20W" x 9D", 40 lbs.

Solar Battery Packs

Warrior Battery/charger/solar Pack is designed for 3G, 4.9Ghz, Wi-Fi, WiMax or Sensornet applications. This equipment package is designed to bring portability to a variety of electronic devices. It supports simultaneous operation and charging from AC or solar power. A 420 watt hour battery, a fast 5A charger and a 100W solar panel controller is built-in. The communication equipment and solar panel are generally provided by the system integrator. The case is rugged and water resistant. 24.5”L x 20"W x 9.5"D, 45 lbs.

Rapid Design Services – Custom Solutions

Entrée offers rapid design services for the integration and packaging of sensing, monitoring and communication equipment. For most applications, a custom solution including small volume production can be designed and delivered in as little as 5 weeks. Call us for a risk free consultation on your custom requirements. – Today!

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