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Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) Sponsors NTOA Member “Night Out on the Town”

Milwaukee, WI—On Wednesday September 19th, Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) sponsored an event inviting all National Tactical Officer Association (NTOA) 24th annual conference attendees and their guests, to join them for a “Night on the Town;” the event was held at McGuillycuddy’s Bar & Grill located on Milwaukee's famous Water Street. Participating guests were treated to wonderful evening of weather, complimentary raffle prizes; almost all took advantage of food and drink specials supported/subsidized by ETGI.

Though the NTOA did not support, nor promote the evening as a conference event; the evening, offered to "welcome NTOA members to Milwaukee" and provided a well deserved, relaxing atmosphere.

ETGI, the sole event sponsor estimates that more than 200 NTOA members and guests attended the “Night on the Town.”  During the course of the evening over $2,000.00 worth of raffle prizes were given away to guests in attendance. These prizes included MP3 players donated by ETGI, promotional wear donated by both Miller Brewing Company and Harley Davidson Inc., flashlights donated by Pelican Products, and more (ETGI thanks all that donated prizes).

The grand prize, a 24” Intruder Tactical Entry Ram was won by a Tactical Officer representing the Fresno Police Department , CA (Intruder Ram, an exclusive of ETGI, a $369 value).

ETGI would like to thank all guests that attended and extend special thanks to McGillycuddy’s Bar & Grill for hosting the event.

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