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Zistos Corporation Releases the WPC-2.5Z Camera

Zistos Corporation, a leading manufacturer of body-worn portable pole camera systems introduces the WPC-2.5Z Camera—the newest element in an ever-expanding array of interchangeable video components. The 10X Optical Zoom is a low-light sensitive, color zoom with white light illumination. The WPC-2.5Z capability brings out the smallest of details allowing the user to zoom in on an object while maintaining full image resolution. The camera offers a multitude of practical applications for use in tactical, industrial, rescue and security situations—making it ideal for conditions that require both wide angle and telephoto views.

The WPC-2.5Z Camera works using a specially designed, dedicated pole with built-in zoom control buttons or any existing Zistos pole with the optional zoom control adapter. The camera also has a 4X digital zoom for a 40X total zoom range. Like all Zistos cameras, the zoom camera is both rugged and waterproof.

Zistos video systems are all designed with backward-forward compatibility. All systems are field configurable from an array of poles, cameras, thermal cameras, video scopes and displays.

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