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New VRAD™ from Zistos Corporation, Add Radiation Detection to Existing Video Surveillance Camera Systems

Zistos Corporation announces the new VRAD Video Radiological Adapter (Pat. Pend.). The VRAD generates an early warning by annunciating radiological alarm events on the surveillance video screen. This can alarm against an act of terrorism or industrial sabotage, using a dirty bomb or radiological materials as a contaminant. The system cost-effectively adds radiological detection into fixed or mobile surveillance camera systems. It accomplishes this new capability using existing video cameras, cables and monitors. Radiation levels and alarms are reported on a video overlay that appears on the surveillance video and can be viewed or recorded on existing video surveillance hardware. The VRAD is powered by 12V DC or 24V AC and is packaged in a weatherproof enclosure that is easily mounted on a wall in near proximity to the surveillance camera.

System applications include:

  • • High Risk Targets
  • • Hospitals
  • • Transportation Hubs
  • • Large Public Venues
  • • Municipal & Military Vehicles
  • • Areas of Critical Commerce


  • • Compatible with existing analog video systems
  • • Suitable for fixed or mobile applications
  • • Easy to install
  • • Uses existing video surveillance cables and monitoring devices
  • • Powered by 12V DC or 24V AC
  • • Weatherproof enclosure
  • • Also supports audio

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