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ETGI Announces the G.O. FieldWatch™ XL One of the Largest, Most Rugged, Battery-Powered/Portable Field Monitors

The FieldWatch™ is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in ANY law enforcement/military application requiring the need to watch, listen to, record, or rebroadcast audio/video signals from virtually ANY auxiliary audio/video source: wired/wireless cameras, microphones, speakers; and computer monitors.

To watch and/or listen to the audio/video signals on the FieldWatch’s 15.0” monitor with built-in speakers, simply power on the unit and connect the source auxiliary device into the FieldWatch’s RCA Component, S-Video, or VGS (Computer Monitor) input ports.

Once connected the source auxiliary device’s audio/video signals can be recorded by connecting the provided Digital Audio/Video Recorder into the FieldWatch’s RCA outputs or rebroadcast by connecting a wireless transmitter or speaker.

Unlike a regular TV that is “fragile” and must be connected to a wall outlet to receive power the FieldWatch™ was designed for law enforcement/military field use. The FieldWatch™ is built inside a rugged/military specification Pelican® case and features an internal, rechargeable battery can power the unit for up to 10-12 hours.


· 15.0” Flat Screen LCD/TV Monitor Mounted Inside a Rugged, Military  Specification Pelican® Case

· 10-12 Hour Internal Rechargeable Battery Run Time (Unlimited A/C Run Time)

· RCA Component, S-Video, and VGA (Computer Monitor) Auxiliary Device Input Ports

· RCA Component Auxiliary Device Output Ports

· (1) Digital Audio/Video Recorder with Built-in Monitor and 20GB Internal HDD

For more information visit www.etgi.us.

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