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cCubed Security Company Releases Auto Theft Bait Car Accessory Kit For Its Cellular Surveillance Cameras

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – March 1, 2009 – cCubed Security Company, a Tennessee-based manufacturer of wireless, cellular-based surveillance and intrusion detection systems, today announced the release of the cCubed auto theft bait car accessory kit (B-CAK™), an accessory to its patented CID-V™ cellular surveillance camera.

CID-V™ is a portable, self-contained system with three power configurations: solar, battery, and 120v AC. Each unit has built-in GPS for mobile applications, such as transportation surveillance and shipment tracking, as well as cabinet movement, motion, power loss, and tamper triggers. Once triggered, the surveillance unit transmits detailed alarm notifications and video/photographs to up to 10 email addresses or cellular phones.  Infrared night vision versions are also available.

B-CAK™ and its associated software allows CID-V™ units to be quickly adapted for use in apprehending auto, truck, and heavy equipment thieves. The system may be mounted inside or outside the vehicle and will quickly notify dispatch or individual officers through their cellular phones upon movement of the bait vehicle. By interfacing CID-V™ with the vehicle’s ignition coil or electric fuel pump, officers can remotely disable the vehicle at any time. The integral GPS also allows for real-time tracking of vehicle movement. Priced at less than $5000 for both the CID-V™ unit and the B-CAK™ auto theft kit, these systems are an excellent investment for any law enforcement agency.

“Since all our self-contained surveillance and intrusion detection systems are portable and include integral GPS, the auto theft accessory kit is the logical extension of their existing capabilities,” said Jon B. Sharpe, chief engineer and managing partner of cCubed. “Our customers asked for a night vision version of our system, and we provided it. They asked for an auto and machinery theft deterrent, and now we’ve met that goal, too. The remote shutdown feature is icing on the cake. Law enforcement agencies have historically spent many times this amount for that capability.”

CID-V™ cameras are quickly deployed by law enforcement in parks, gang and graffiti areas, and Homeland Security soft targets, such as water storage tanks. They can also be used for surveillance and tracking in a wide range of other industries, from construction and perimeter security to trucking, utilities, and railroads.

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