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“Best in Show” Award Recognizes the Importance of Storage and Server Innovation in Physical Security


“We are thrilled to see that storage and server infrastructure is getting this high level of attention,” said Lee Caswell, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Pivot3. “There’s a seemingly endless appetite for more cameras, higher resolution video and longer retention times. Serverless Computing helps end customers, integrators and partners fill these needs by bringing down costs, improving reliability and making systems manageable. Also, I would like to take a moment to thank the industrious and creative engineering team of Pivot3 for their achievement in making this innovation possible and practical in the marketplace.”

Pivot3 Serverless Computing is the first and only clustered storage solution that simultaneously runs server applications on IP SAN hardware, resulting in significant savings in power, cooling, rack space and cost. In the surveillance space, the solution offers a set of features that are ideally suited for the vertical, such as advanced availability, massive bandwidth, clustered capacity and management simplicity.

The company has just announced at the show its latest NVR Recovery feature that automatically restarts applications such as video management systems, access control, and video analytics in the case of a server failure. Unlike today’s failover techniques, which require separate physical server and storage units, NVR Recovery restarts a failed application on a virtual machine and provides access to previously recorded video. Pivot3 Serverless Computing is based on an open-system approach that allows Pivot3 storage to work with different camera, software and service providers.

About Pivot3
Pivot3 is the fastest-growing surveillance storage company, with its award-winning products widely deployed in the gaming, homeland security, public safety, education and transportation markets. The company’s innovative RAIGE® architecture is ideally suited for video applications, and offers advanced availability, massive bandwidth, and large scaling of capacity supported by an intuitive interface for ease of use. The Pivot3 core product lines are the RAIGE Array™, a clustered iSCSI SAN, and Serverless Computing™, the industry’s first combined NVR/SAN product, which consolidates NVR servers into the IP SAN platform for concrete cost, power and cooling savings. To learn more about Pivot3, visit www.pivot3.com.

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