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See Through Walls Using the New Zistos Through-the-Wall Video Camera Kit (TTW)

Holbrook, NY - Zistos Corporation, a leading manufacturer of body-worn, portable pole camera systems has introduced a new video accessory for their WalkAbout portable video system used for tactical surveillance applications. The Through-the-Wall Video Camera Kit contains tools that allow the operator to view into a room from an adjacent room through the common wall.

The TTW contains a specialized bit designed to create an access hole through the first wall of sheetrock, and then drill an inconspicuous 3mm observation hole through the second wall of sheetrock, into the adjacent room. A low-light camera with a uniquely designed, high quality, pinhole zoom lens is then inserted into the access hole allowing tactical personnel to observe the occupants of the interior room while avoiding detection. A specially designed mounting plate/jig and spacers facilitate the creation of the hole and placement of the camera and lens. Through-the-wall audio surveillance tools are available with the TTW camera as an option.


• The kit includes all of the tools necessary to create the access and observation hole
• Zoom lens allows magnification/FOV to be adjusted, as needed
• Low-light camera sees well in dark areas and responds to covert IR illumination (not provided)
• Optional Through-the-Wall Audio Kit is available
• See into a room from an adjacent room through-the-wall

The TTW camera kit is fully compatible with the complete line of Zistos tactical surveillance products including; pole cameras, videoscopes, thermal cameras, under-door-cameras and throwable robots. Zistos video systems are designed with backward-forward compatibility and are field configurable.

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