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Boundless Security Systems, Inc., Solves Problem of Protecting Video Surveillance Recorded Outdoors

Submitted by Steve Morton

Newtown, CT -- Boundless Security Systems, Inc., announces its solution of the problem of protecting video surveillance recorded outdoors. Surveillance video recorded at the edge of the network now has another layer of protection from theft and disclosure. Boundless' ultra low bandwidth, outdoor and mobile digital video surveillance servers can now securely communicate with a distant Boundless' authentication server via the Internet to dynamically activate or deactivate, encryption and decryption of sensitive video surveillance recorded in the field.

"Outdoor and mobile video surveillance is widely used in Homeland Security, Public Safety, and commercial applications to protect life and property. As the speed of cellular and other wireless networks increases, it becomes increasingly tempting to continuously send live video to a distant network video recorder to simplify the outdoor equipment and protect the recorded video files from theft and disclosure," says Steve Morton, MIT '71, CEO and CTO of Boundless Security Systems, Inc. "However, cellular carriers, such as VerizonWireless, have recently cracked down on excessive use of their wireless networks to maintain a high quality of service for all users. Continuous streaming of standard definition surveillance video to a distant network video recorder can use a customer's entire month's quota of cellular bandwidth in a single day, and high definition in hours. The solution is to continuously record video from outdoor and mobile cameras in our video recording server near the cameras, with better quality than can be sent live, using several layers of protection for the recorded video."

Boundless now offers the ability to encrypt video from CCTV and IP-cameras as it is recorded in Boundless' ultra low bandwidth, mobile, and covert and semi-covert outdoor, digital video surveillance servers. Storing a secret passcode on the video server's hard disk, or on a USB memory stick that is left plugged into the server to activate the encryption would not protect the video files from theft of the server. And, it is not practical for an authorized user to locally type a passcode or briefly insert a USB memory stick containing a secret passcode into the server. Boundless has solved these problems by developing a secure method for dynamically remotely authenticating encryption and decryption. The video recordings are protected from unauthorized access to a running video server, and to attempts to remove the hard drive containing the recorded video and copy the video files. Operation of the protection system to authorized users, including encyption of new video being recorded, as well as decryption of existing video recordings, is seamless and invisible.

"Architects and users of outdoor and mobile, digital video surveillance systems can now better benefit from widely available, increasingly fast, cellular and other wireless wide area networks," says Morton. "They can do so without sacrificing the quality of recorded video, the duration of time over which the video is recorded, or the ability of multiple members of a task force to simultaneously remotely view live and recorded video, without fear of theft or disclosure of sensitive recorded surveillance video. This will greatly expand the use of recording at the edge of the network."

About Boundless Security Systems, Inc.

Boundless Security Systems, Inc., is a privately held, woman-owned, small business. Boundless is an original equipment manufacturer and specializes in outdoor and mobile digital video surveillance over wireless wide area networks, where bandwidth is precious. Boundless has solved the "backhaul problem" in video surveillance, improving image quality and reducing communications requirements. Boundless' core technology is its ultra low bandwidth, many-different-stream, Video Management System software. The software runs on computer industry standard hardware and which Boundless installs and configures on its mobile, and covert and semi-covert outdoor video servers. Boundless designs, builds and configures its equipment in the USA; some foreign components are used. Boundless' equipment has been used on cellular networks on five continents, on Iridium, Inmarsat and VSAT satellite networks, on WiMAX, WiFi and mesh wireless networks, wired networks including the Internet, and public and private wide area networks.

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