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Tarheel Canine's Anne Arundel County MD Decoy Seminar Coming Up on October 6-8th 2008

A lack of decoy skill will reflect in the poor performance of patrol dogs. There is no way around it, decoy skills in the police K9 world need to improve to have the performance of patrol K9s improve. The good news is, these skills can be taught.

This class will take place over 3 working days, 24 hours of instruction, and be open to Law Enforcement participants. The class will be open to up to 15 participants. Supervisors are welcome to attend. The class will comprise both classroom instruction and practical decoy work. Classroom work will cover reading K9 behavior during controlled aggression, drive manipulation, and goal setting for training sessions. Practical instruction will include proper technique in the suit and hidden sleeve. Proper mechanics for safely catching police dogs in training, and techniques to work dogs to their goals in foundation and skills training will be covered in depth.

The seminar will be a working seminar and participants will learn:

· Decoy as an instrument of operant conditioning.

· Alert on passive suspects with no equipment

· Bringing out civil aggression.

· Drive channeling

· Eliminate equipment orientation in any dog.

· Proper sleeve mechanics: sleeves don't create equipment orientation, decoys do.

· Proper Bite suit targeting and "catch" mechanics.

· Proper use of hidden sleeves and muzzle fighting.

· Explanation of decoy technique for training and maintaining control commands: out, guarding, hold & bark, redirects, and call-off (recalls).

· Integrating fundamentals into police K9 training scenarios.

If you would like more information or to register for this seminar, or arrange one for your agency, please contact Jerry Bradshaw at malinois_jb@mindspring.com and we can send you a contact form and a registration inflrmation.

Dont forget, check the website for other events upcoming: Decoy Seminar Kingsport TN, CATS School December 2008, and Terry Fleck's Legal Update March 2009.

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