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K9 EOD and IED Electronics and Diagnostic Training Courses from Tactical Electronics

K9 EOD Integration Training Course

Identify potential threats and key components critical for determining response procedures. Attendees will participate in classroom lecture, practical labs designed to enhance how IEDs function and practical exercises focusing on the identification of an array of IEDs, their components and triggering mechanisms.

The ability of K9 and EOD First Responders to have a working knowledge of explosives and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) is critical to the homeland security within the United States. For K9 and EOD, integrated capabilities and increased situational awareness for the recognition of IEDs, their components, precursors and manufacturing equipment is essential for the safety of hostages, innocent civilians and First Responders.

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Where: Tactical Electronics, 2844 Crusader Circle #100, Virginia Beach, VA 23453

When:  Wednesday, April 24-Thursday, April 25, 2013
Cost:  $300 per student
Instructor:  Mark Kyllingstad, K9 Program Manager, mark.kyllingstad@tacticalelectronics.com 





IED Electronics and Diagnostics

Due to increased demand, Tactical Electronics is proud to present IED Electronics and Diagnostics as a sold by the seat opportunity. The 5 day course will be held at our Virginia Beach facility, July 15-19th, 2013. Seating is limited. Registration is open to HDS Certified Bomb Technicians and Active Military EOD.

Improvised Explosive Devices have become the low cost weapon of choice by terrorist. IED devices continue to be a threat, growing in sophistication and frequency largely due to the extensive variety of electrical options available for device design and construction. Today’s Bomb Technicians must possess a fundamental knowledge of electrical theories and practices used in the construction of IEDs.

Tactical Electronics’ IED Electronics course training is designed to provide introduction to electrical theories and how they are applied in IED device circuitry. The focal points of this course encompass building the skills and knowledge necessary to assess IED circuitry and determine the safest method of prosecution. Attendees will participate in classroom study and utilize IED training aids in hands-on practical application that provides the skills necessary to build and diagnose circuits. Attendees will retain an EOD tool kit necessary for completing this course.

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Where: Tactical Electronics, 2844 Crusader Circle #100, Virginia Beach, VA 23453

When: Monday, July 15-Friday, July 19, 2013
Cost: $1,300 per student
Inquiries: Heath Arning, Training Support Manager, heath@tacticalelectronics.com

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