Ray Allen Introduces K-9 Explosive Training Aids Containing REAL Explosives-NOT PSEUDO

Ray Allen Manufacturing Co. Inc., the nation's leader in Police and Military K-9 equipment for the past 55 years, introduces K-9 Training Aids utilizing REAL EXPLOSIVES. Developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and manufactured by XM Materials, this product line consists of NESTT materials (Non-hazardous Explosives for Security Training & Testing) - realistic training aids containing actual explosives TNT, RDX, PETN and oxidizers (KNO3, KCLO3) that are diluted and reconfigured to be non-explosive. There are two types of training aids - Coated Silica (crystals) and Petrolatum Suspension (paste). These products require NO DOD or ATF approval or licensing and are DOT certified non-hazardous materials and can be shipped anywhere by any method.

K-9 Explosive Training Aids

For further information and a catalog of Ray Allen's complete Professional K-9 Equipment offering, go to www.rayallen.com or call (800) 444-0404.

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