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Testimonials: Ray Allen Professional K9 Products

I have had my Durango K9 insert for approximately 6 months and it has been excellent. In that time I have driven hundreds of miles on bumpy dirt roads during our busy fire-fighting season and thousands of miles on highways to K9 training and conventions. There have been no rattles, squeaks or problems. The sliding door has worked flawlessly. The insert allows the rear of the Durango to safely hold all of my K9 and daily patrol equipment. The roof of the insert has also allowed the permanent installation of our rifle holder. I highly recommend the K9 insert to anyone who uses their dog for work.

K9 Deputy Gerald Wallace
San Miguel County Sheriff's Office
Telluride, Colorado

"I've never been disappointed in the quality of any Ray Allen manufactured equipment. Their Compression Bite-Core Sleeve is by far my favorite all around training sleeve, mostly because the dogs love it. When the dog bites hard, the core collapses, and the dog gets the extremely satisfying feeling of crushing his "prey". To re-live that feeling, the sleeve encourages the dog to bite down hard. If the dog loosens his grip, the core expands in the dog's mouth, signaling that the "prey" is still alive, and the dog once again crushes the core back down. I've got several different sleeves in my equipment bag that were more expensive, but they're "dead" compared to the Ray Allen Compression Bite-Core Sleeve. It's the sleeve dogs love to bite!"

Jim Rode
K-9 Basic Training
Gilbert, AZ

For information and a catalog of Ray Allen's complete Professional K-9 Equipment offering, go to www.rayallen.com or call (800) 444-0404.

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