Heavy Duty Leather Dog Collars | Mil-spec 1 1/4” and 2" Latigo K9 Collars

Shop Now! Leather Dog Collars https://www.rayallen.com/dog-collars/leather-dog-collar

Latigo Leather Agitation Dog Collar https://www.rayallen.com/latigo-leather-agitation-collar

Latigo Leather Agitation Collar With Handle https://www.rayallen.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=latigo+collar

Black Mil-Spec Leather Collar https://www.rayallen.com/black-mil-spec-leather-collar

In this video, Matt from Ray Allen shows you our Mil-Spec and Latigo Leather collars.

Made for professional working dogs:
-Resilient and sleek for tactical use or agitation work
-Manufactured with or without handle for added handler control

Quality craftsmanship:

-Double-layered leather made from thick grain Northern cowhide for durability; sourced from tanneries right here in the U.S.A
-D-Ring looped into layers for endurance- won’t fall off even if the leather gets worn down!

Product specs:

-Comes in black, grey, or burgundy, or Mil-Spec (MIL-C-1161 or NSN 3770-00-951-6418), with OD green stitching and also has the unique “US Ray Allen Manufacturing” stamp

-22" long and 1 1/4" wide -Measures from 20” up to 25” neck circumference

-The double-layer Latigo leather collar shown is 2” wide and comes in three sizes (20”,24”,28”) with the high density 2” collar it will spread the pressure of agitation over and large area, preventing injuries to the neck.

For both of these collars, Ray Allen wants to recognize the man who makes them: Kevin. Kevin has been with Ray Allen for 32 years (longer than most other companies have even been making gear) and is a staple for the company. If you have had a piece of leather from us like a collar, leash, or leather harness, Kevin made it by hand. Kevin is an absolute hammer when it comes to leather and takes great pride in his work. From the products shown today to the many other leather pieces, we have here, rest assured you will be getting something you can be proud of and will be put through the wringer and that is all thanks to Kevin.

“This is quality, this is Ray Allen!”

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