Video: One-legged war vet hit with TASER claims excessive force

Says he was just trying to help at the scene of a car wreck near his house

By PoliceOne Staff

TINLEY PARK, Wis. — A man who was hit with a TASER by a New Lenox police officer wants obstruction charges dropped. He says he was just trying to help the police on the scene of a car wreck near his house. According to

“Brian Wilhelm, 28, of New Lenox, said he came to help at the scene of a Dec. 11 car accident near his home at Woodlawn and Wisconsin roads. After trying to assist an injured passenger, Wilhelm got into a confrontation with New Lenox police officer Mark Klausner. The two had their hands on each other when another officer used his Taser on Wilhelm.”

Watch the video below:

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