NC police department gets new TASERs

High Point police recently purchased TASER X2 devices

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Police officers in High Point are getting new stun guns which they say are safer and more effective models than what they’ve previously used.

The new stun guns, a brand of Taser called X2, come equipped with a feature called a five-second cutoff — meaning the Taser will automatically stop shocking a person after five seconds.

The Tasers also have a second cartridge, allowing the officer to fire it twice if necessary.

Police said stun guns are used about three times each month.

“Using the device has greatly reduced officer injuries as well as reducing the number of injuries to offenders,” Officer Jack McGinnus with the High Point Police Department said.

The cost of purchasing the new Tasers was reduced, as the police department was able to trade back its older models.

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