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New Live Simulation TASER Catridge Available

Many agencies are now using scenario-based training in which a live role player in a padded FIST type suit is actually shot with the ADVANCED TASER. Based on feedback from the 2002 TASER Tactical Conference, we have developed a new training simulation cartridge for such use in scenario-based training. This simulation round uses 21 feet of non-conductive "fishing line" to prevent the subject from receiving an inadvertent TASER pulse during scenario-based training. It also features probes with shortened barbs (0.175 mm) to minimize the risk of skin penetration. This blue cartridge is easily distinguished from live rounds, but it is critical to use eye protection and padded protective gear to avoid eye injury or barb penetration.

For more information, visit Taser's Web Site or call 800-978-2737.

TASER International, Inc.

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