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TASER® Debuts Its 25-Foot XP Air Cartridge At IACP

New Cartridge Delivers Enhanced Clothing Penetration, Accuracy and Extended Range

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - TASER International, Inc. (Nasdaq: TASR), a market leader in advanced non-lethal devices announced today the debut of the new XP Air Cartridge with extended 25 foot maximum range. The XP Air Cartridge is able to achieve distances of up to 25 feet while maintaining a truer flight trajectory by maximizing probe stability. The accuracy and dispersion of the new XP at full 25 foot deployment is comparable to that of our standard cartridge at its full 21 foot range. The new XP was featured at the TASER International Booth during the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Los Angeles, California on November 13, 2004.

"The bi-metal design of the 25 foot XP enhances TASER devices ability to penetrate heavy clothing while increasing accuracy and flight stability at extended ranges," said Rick Smith, CEO of TASER International. "The new XP cartridge utilizes an enhanced 2,200 PSI nitrogen propulsion system and bi-metal probe construction to increase impact momentum onto the target, thus maximizing clothing compression."

"The 25 foot XP Cartridge is a further enhancement on our patented technology that has already demonstrated overwhelming success and acceptance in the field at over 6,000 law enforcement agencies worldwide," concluded Mr. Smith.

The new XP cartridge is compatible with all currently fielded TASER M26 and TASER X26 systems and will ship in December 2004.

About TASER International, Inc.
TASER International, Inc. provides advanced non-lethal devices for use in the law enforcement, military, private security and personal defense markets. TASER devices use proprietary technology to safely incapacitate dangerous, combative or high-risk subjects who pose a risk to law enforcement officers, innocent citizens or themselves. TASER technology saves lives every day, and the use of TASER devices dramatically reduces injury rates for police officers and suspects. TASER technology is currently in testing or deployment at over 6,000 law enforcement and correctional agencies in the U.S. and abroad. For more information on TASER life-saving technology, please call TASER International at (480) 444-4000 or visit our website at www.TASER.com.

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