SHOT Show 2010: FNH USA exhibits new handguns, less lethal sidearms

303P less lethal pistols, FNX-9 and FNX-40 among those launched

The FNH USA booth at SHOT Show had an overwhelming number of new pistols, handguns, rifles, tactical firearms, and less lethal options to explore. In a recent press release, FNH Vice President for Law Enforcement said, "Our goal for 2010 is to perfect and enhance the strong products we have in our firearms line and roll out our new line of handguns," and it looks like FNH has fulfilled that promise.

303P Less Lethal Pistol
The holster-sized 303P less lethal pistol was introduced as a complement to the 303 less lethal launcher. The 303P uses a disposable, compressed CO2 gas capsule to launch a .68-calibre projectile. The cartridges have an effective impact range of 20 meters, and has a stainless steel operating system, aluminum barrel and upper receiver, and comes with one magazine that holds a disposable cartridge and seven projectiles. The projectiles can include washable paint or PAVA powder.

FNX-9 and FNX-40
These two new pistols offer many new features that officers have demanded over time. The polymer frames provide for less recoil and improved control, and the interchangeable backstrap inserts rival GLOCK's bakstraps for comfortable shooting.

The new less lethal pistol. (Photo courtesy of FNH USA)
The new less lethal pistol. (Photo courtesy of FNH USA)

The popular SCAR 17S was launched with availability for civilian purchase. Heavier than the previous model (SCAR 16S), the carbine officers long-range accuracy and versatility. The SCAR (below) has a fully ambidextrous control and features a reciprocating charging handle for quick ammo and magazine failure response. The weapon accepts 7.62 x 51mm NATO and 308 Winchester rounds.

For more information, check out FNH USA firearms on their site.

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