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SHOT Show 2010: Piexon provides alternatives to OC spray canisters

The JPX Jet Protector has many less lethal advantages

By PoliceOne Staff

Among the booths of firearms and shotguns at SHOT Show 2010, one company’s less lethal option stood out. Piexon’s powerful less lethal tool, the JPX™ Jet Protector®, is in use across Europe and has become a bestseller since launching in 1999. The hand-held OC delivery system is functional, with a conventional pistol-like design to ensure solid training and accuracy. The propulsion system launches high-grade OC solution at 430 km/h; effective range is up to 16.5 feet away. Each magazine contains two charges, and snaps on the frame for quick and easy use.

PoliceOne got a demonstration of the JPX Jet Protector, and it’s safe to say that any suspect hit with this OC spray will not be happy.

(Photo courtesy of Piexon)
(Photo courtesy of Piexon)

What makes the product unique is that it is highly competitive against other pepper spray options. Compared to the classic canister, the JPX system emits very little airborne droplets that cause cross-contamination, making Piexon products also suitable for indoor use.

Other perks include zero loss of pressure, no dependence on electronics or battery power, no need to shake the device before use, and high velocity deliverance to prevent deflection through sidewind.

24-year veteran of the force Pat Tighe served as chief of the Sutton, N.H. police department for 14 years. Tighe now works for IBS Sigma, the distribution company behind Piexon’s JPX product, and says that it provides an unbeatable less lethal option for officers on patrol.

When asked why the Jet Protector is a better less lethal option, Tighe refers to the burden of litigation that comes with use of stun gun devices. “With this product, we give officers an alternative,” Tighe says.

The JPX system is now being rolled out to departments across the country, starting with the Sullivan, N.H. agency (who just received two of the devices).

How it works
The JPX magazine has open laser sights and holds two cartridges filled with a liquid irritant agent; these cartridges are powered by a propulsion charge. The magazine can be used twice; after two blasts it becomes disposable.

For more information, visit Piexon's website

For more high-tech solutions, visit IBS Sigma

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