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2011 in Review: Top 5 TASER videos

By PoliceOne Staff

Here's a collection of the top TASER videos of the year, with the likes of Cookie Monster and Thor on the receiving end.

Police defuse Walmart incident with TASER

A couple accused Officer Caleb Bibby of "treason" because he was shopping while on duty. Then the incident escalated.


Police TASER 'Cookie Monster'

An armed man wearing a Cookie Monster T-shirt man complex was subdued with a TASER by police after he refused to put the weapon down.


Combative baseball fan hit with baton, TASER

Police intervened when a belligerent man did not cooperate with staff who had asked him to leave.


Mother gets TASERed by her police officer son

"OK Everyone Here it is...Gotta Love Her! Please be warned there could be offensive language to some!" BLUtube user wgregg said.


Thor gets hit with TASER

The old comic character Thor has now been made into a Hollywood movie. He has now also been hit with a TASER.


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