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RCMP Training Tests: OC vs. Advanced Taser

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training Tests: OC vs. Advanced Taser

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Training Tests

To our knowledge, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have conducted the most extensive, thorough tests of the ADVANCED TASER of any agency in the world. In the videos released here, RCMP tactical officers are involved in survival training. The officers are hit with OC (Pepper Spray) and are challenged to attack a practice pad with baton strikes, then attack a second pad with knee strikes, then to call on the radio for backup.

Similar training was conducted with the ADVANCED TASER. In the videos, each officer is shown taking the pepper spray hit on the left, and the ADVANCED TASER hit on the right. The purpose here is not to deprecate OC sprays. OC sprays are valuable tools which have contributed greatly to the field of law enforcement and will continue to be valuable tools in the law enforcement; However, we felt that these tests are helpful in illuminating the different effects of OC and the ADVANCED TASER for training purposes.

To download, select a file below. The smaller file has no sound to reduce transmission time. The larger file has full audio and shows three separate officers involved in the testing.

Note: The officers' faces have been blurred for security purposes. We would like to extend our thanks to the RCMP for providing this video, and some of the most extensive test results we've seen. (And we extend our condolences for any offender who takes these guys on!)

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