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The Voltage Myth


The electronic stun device market is permeated with claims of extremely high voltages. Unfortunately, most of these claims have little basis in reality. As you can see in the table below from an independent published source, the advertised voltage of most stun devices is greatly exaggerated.

Model2 Advertised voltage Actual Peak Voltage
AIR TASERTM 50,000V 50,000V
O-mega SS 120,000 V 16,400 V
Nova Spirit 20,000 V 24,900 V
STN-160 160,000 V 28,700 V
SK Thunder Power 120,000 V 25,000 V
SK Thunder 945SP 65,000 V 23,000 V
SK Sigma-7 Model C 45,000 V 20,700 V
Super Thunder 75,000 V 19,600 V
Z-Force-Ultra 150,000 V 25,200 V
Z-Force III 100,000 V 29,700 V
Z-Force I 80,000 V 20,400 V
STG-1 50-100,000 V 11,000 V

As you can see, only the Nova Spirit and AIR TASER advertise the actual voltage. The AIR TASER has the highest, measurable, real voltage of any stun device on the market.

In reality, voltage tells you how far the spark will jump – and how much clothing the stun device can penetrate if the spark must jump through fabric. This is the only true benefit from higher voltage (amperage and power determine how strong the pulse feels).

In order to measure the peak voltage of a stun device, simply measure the distance that the spark ‘jumps’ when you activate the stun gun into the air (measure from the two points where the spark starts and stops). The rule of thumb is 30,000 Volts per inch. For example, the maximum voltage of the stun gun below is 0.3 inches x 30,000 Volts/inch = 9,000 Volts.

Remember, the voltage is measured where the spark actually jumps, not from the forward electrodes. Measure the length of the actual spark itself.

Again, there is much confusion about voltage. Voltage claims are usually not accurate. However, calculating the length of the spark (and the voltage) will tell you how much clothing a spark will penetrate. The best test for effectiveness is to look for the T-WaveTM trademark and to test the unit to make sure it is built with quality and survivability.

Copies of independent tests available upon request (Fax request to 480-991-0791).

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