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Stinger Handheld Projectile Stun Gun FAQs

How does the Stinger work?
The Stinger can shoot either a single cartridge containing two darts or two cartridges containing total of four darts. When the trigger is pulled an electrical impulse is sent to cartridge that ignites the black powder charge that propel the darts towards the subject. The darts are connected to the weapon by thin insulated wires and together these form the circuit between the target and the stun gun. The current sent through the subject causes a loss of muscular control disabling the targeted subject.

Can anyone buy a Stinger?
Absolutely not. We consider all energy directed stun technologies to be potentially dangerous if misused. Only trained personnel should use any stun technology.

What is Quadrashock technology?
A patented technology that enables Stinger to shoot four darts in such manner as to provide the best possible spread between the negative and positive darts across Stinger’s entire 31’ range. Additionally Stinger four-dart system substantially increases the likelihood of successfully acquiring its target.

What are the risks of abuse?
We want to minimize the chance for abuse. First our training manual stresses the proper use of the weapon. Additionally it states clearly that for whatever reason the subject has not become passive after two cycles, other methods must be used to subdue the subject. Stinger also automatically captures key data every time it is fired such as time, date and temperature (which can impact voltage).

Can you use only one cartridge to save money?
Yes, loading the top cartridge alone will discharge two darts 31 feet and should provide adequate attachment to targets in the 20’ to 31’ range. Not that this will compromise the effectiveness of the gun on closer targets, as the darts will not have sufficient spread on the subject, or you can purchase our single barrel Stinger model.

Why does it have a maximum range of 31 feet?
Other conventional air powered stun guns have two darts Typically, one dart shoots straight while the other descends downward at an 8 degree angle. Therefore, by 21’ the darts are now three feet apart, making it virtually impossible to hit the subject. Stinger’s technology has a patented cross wiring system that allows us to have two darts shoot straight to acquire targets at longer distances and two dart shoot at slightly downward angel to provide a better spread on closer range targets.

If four darts impact the target, does it double the voltage?
No. The voltage is simply split over twice the area, thereby affecting twice as much muscle area.

What if the darts miss?
Having four darts, Stinger is more likely to create a usable circuit with the target than a two-dart system. However, if three darts miss, the user can either reload or, if the subject is near the Stinger can be used with a touch-stun mode.

What if the subject is wearing heavy clothing?
As long as the darts have struck the subject, the current can arc through up to two inches of clothing.

How long will the batteries last?
The ion-lithium batteries have a shelf life of five years. We estimate that the batteries will provide thirty minutes of non-continuous. The electrical burst, the primary drain on the battery, last just 5 seconds so users could receive up to 600 individual firings on each set of batteries.

For more information regarding the Stinger, please visit www.stingersystems.com

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