Facebook Forum: Top 20 must-have tactical gear options

When we asked our Facebook fans which single piece of tactical gear they would add to their police-issued equipment, regardless of cost, we got some great responses, both serious and far-fetched, to say the least.  It was remarkable how many people wanted Chuck Norris on call — and how many departments still aren't issuing body armor or TASERs. While it was difficult to pick through them, we selected 20 of the best (and most humorous) answers. Tell us your favorite, and add your own equipment suggestions in the member comments below!

http://ems.pgpic.com/1.gifA Surefire weapon light. For obvious reasons. - Zachary M. Levine

http://ems.pgpic.com/2.gifExterior Vest because of the heat... would be nice to cool off once in a 12-hour shift - Paul Sweeney-Hennessy

http://ems.pgpic.com/3.gifTo make the M-4 framed .308 semi automatic-rifle with collapse stock standard issue. This will give officers an almost fare chance in a gun fight. - Bruce LaBier

http://ems.pgpic.com/4.gifThe Easy Button. - Timothy Polley

http://ems.pgpic.com/5.gifA bullshit detector 3000. - Christopher Lee Adams

http://ems.pgpic.com/6.gifRCB batons. They are effective and don't take up space on a duty belt. - Robert Hawkins 

http://ems.pgpic.com/7.gifNight Vision glasses. - Jesse Steve Brown

http://ems.pgpic.com/8.gifA portable radio that worked for more than 60% of the time and provides clear transmissions. Ugh. - Jonathan Bruno

http://ems.pgpic.com/9.gifTranquilizer gun. Just put them to sleep and let them wake up in the jail cell. - David Moon

http://ems.pgpic.com/10.gifArmored patrol cars since most of the time we use them for cover. - Ben Hignight

http://ems.pgpic.com/11.gifTactical vest carrier so it's easier to carry all my crap on patrol. - Tim Barr

http://ems.pgpic.com/12.gifTASER, it simply is the best option to have in a variety of situations. - Isaac John Gerami

http://ems.pgpic.com/13.gifA Batman duty belt with 007 devices on it. Better yet maybe just the Chuck Norris round house, that handles everything. - Mike Kinzel

http://ems.pgpic.com/14.gifA crystal ball...since its such an inconvenience to ask questions to the important lives of civilians. - Marcelo Pirez

http://ems.pgpic.com/15.gifPersonal video recorder. Lapel mounted. I would want it for personal debriefing and for evidentiary purposes. - Christopher Matthiae

http://ems.pgpic.com/16.gifBody armor. Seriously. They still haven't provided any. - Jay Ó Tuathail

http://ems.pgpic.com/17.gifSome of those hidden suspenders for my duty belt, to save my back. Injured backs kill more careers than bullets or crashes. - Werkin Formy Paycheck

http://ems.pgpic.com/18.gifThermal imaging camera/night vision. - Ed Kienzle

http://ems.pgpic.com/19.gifI work alone in a rural area so a second officer to patrol with would be nice. - Matt Wagner

http://ems.pgpic.com/20.gifBulletproof pants. - Executive Edge Private Security

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