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The Clip SideBreak Scabbard is the Newest Addition to the ASP SideBreak Scabbards

ASP Announces the introduction of the Clip SideBreak Baton Scabbard, the newest in the family of their popular SideBreak Scabbards.

The hallmarks of ASP products are innovation, quality and flawless function. The Clip SideBreak Baton Scabbard is no exception. It is the newest addition to the SideBreak family of scabbards. The Clip SideBreak offers ease of attachment without having to take the belt off. The scabbard features advanced computer aided design and fabrication concepts. It is fashioned with the same painstaking attention to detail as the finest pistol holster.

ASP SideBreak Scabbards allow either a retracted or expanded baton to be rapidly presented. Yet the weapon is securely retained during dynamic confrontations. Expanded batons may be presented out the side of the carrier for maximum speed of deployment.

The Clip SideBreak features a retaining clip. It can be adjusted to customize the scabbard for ease of presentation or strength of retention. It can be rotated to 12 distinct positions. It can also be locked upright on the belt.

A hex tool is used for adjustment or disassembly of the scabbard. It is easily removed with the double lock pin of a handcuff key. The scabbard is also fitted with spare retention screws.

The design of the scabbard utilizes strategically positioned lines of tension and zero tension areas. It incorporates ISO certified construction in a design so unique that it is patented. The result is a scabbard that is compact, inconspicuous and extremely effective. Under the most severe tactical conditions, the ASP Clip SideBreak Scabbard has no equal. This scabbard is available in Black, Basketweave, Ballistic and high gloss ASPtec finishes.

About ASP

ASP has stood for innovative designs, flawless function and an unmatched standard of service for over 30 years. The firm’s passion for quality has set the standard in the profession. There is little room for error in the world of international law enforcement. ASP products deliver performance you can stake your life on.

Founded in 1976 by DR Kevin Parsons (PhD Police Management, Michigan State University), ASP has grown into the foremost supplier of Batons, Restraints, Training, OC products and LED lighting in the industry. Each year ASP donates almost $2 million in free training to the profession. This close relationship with those who use ASP products led to the designation as the firm “Protecting Those Who Protect.”

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