Dummies Unlimited Inc., Presents Target Training at 2016 SHOT Show Jan. 19th

Dummies Unlimited Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of Law Enforcement, Military and Fire Rescue Training Equipment for over 55 years. We wanted to take the time to introduce you to one of our award winning products the 3-D SWAT Targets. Our 3-D SWAT Target takes your firearms training to the next level. Dummies Unlimited Inc. Offers 6 different targets 4 Male and 2 Female (Pictures Below). Each target has its own identity. Our 3-D Swat Targets allow you to train for real life scenarios and situations. The realistic appearances help to identify the threat and are great tools in “active shooter” training. These targets are also great for low light training situations. Below are some of the benefits of our 3-D SWAT Targets.

3-D S.W.A.T. Targets offer:

•Realistic human features and appearance
•3-D advantages allow for oblique projection training from 30, 0, & 45 degrees.
•Prop Kits Available for threat assessment shooting situations a Pistol, Knife, Taser, Broken bottle, Oozy, Hammer, Camera, Badge are included in the kit
•Available in Reactive and Non-Reactive models

•A Static Stand is available for Non-Reactive Targets
Reactive models have a "Kill Zone" molded into the vital areas (head & upper chest) of the target. Only a shot in the kill zone will knock over target. (Kill Zone is approx. (4.5 wide and 6" long)
•Reactive models require a reactive stand
•We offer 2 different versions of "reactive" Stands; Manual reset & Remote-resetting


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