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Southern California Security Firm Provides Its Officers with Non-Lethal Weapons from PepperBall Technologies

OC Metro Reduces Risk of Guard Injuries While Protecting Clients in the Anaheim Resort Area from Gang Fights

San Diego - PepperBall Technologies announced that OC Metro, an Anaheim, Calif.-based private security firm, has provided its 23 patrol officers with PeppperBall's non-lethal weapon system.

Art Lucero, owner of OC Metro, said he chose PepperBall products due to their ability to gain suspect compliance while lowering the potential risk to his officers and suspects.

"Due to an increase in gang fights and other incidents which require the use-of-force incidents, we wanted something that would reduce our officers' risk of injuries, as well as to that of the people we deal with on the street," he said. "Within just a few weeks, the PepperBalll system has helped us break up several fights, including a rumble between organized rival gangs, without any serious injuries."

Founded in 1988, OC Metro provides both armed and unarmed patrols 24 hours a day; seven days a week to the Anaheim Convention Center, as well as hotels, nightclubs, shopping centers and homeowners' associations near Disneyland.

"My clients also see the value OC Metro offers by carrying non-lethal alternatives to firearms as it lowers the risk of fatalities and mitigates liability concerns," Lucero said.

"More and more private security firms are turning to PepperBall as a first-choice alternative to lethal force," said George Burkle, general manager of PepperBall Technologies. "They see the same opportunity to mitigate risk, lower liability and enhance the safety of those authorized to use force as do our more than 3,000 law enforcement customers."

The PepperBall line of products being employed by private security end-users to better patrol and secure perimeters, probe the intent of non-compliant individuals, protect against crowd uprisings, manage inmate populations, protect students and personnel and more.

PepperBall products use the unique Chem-netics™ technology to effectively achieve subject compliance. Affected individuals experience the psychological shock of being "shot," the powerful yet less-than-lethal kinetic impact of a hard frangible round, and the release of potent PAVA (capsaicin II) pepper super-irritant. These combined affects make PepperBall products extremely effective while lowering the level of kinetic impact relied upon my other less-than-lethal products. PepperBall products can also be used without impact to create contained clouds of PAVA for breaking barricades or extracting unauthorized individuals from secured premises.

About PepperBall Technologies, Inc.
PepperBall Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes the PepperBall brand line of non-lethal weapons for governmental, military, corrections, private security, and law enforcement agencies. Products include PepperBall System launchers and projectiles, ImpactPlus 12 gauge less lethal rounds, and PepperBall PAVA pepper spray. PepperBall users include the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the United States Border Patrol, Police and Sheriff Departments in major United States cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Seattle, and more. For more information on PepperBall Technologies, Inc., visit www.pepperball.com.

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