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America's Leading Police Departments Deploy Breakthrough Non-Lethal Technology

Long Range Acoustic Device from American Technology Produces Dramatic Results

LRAD SAN DIEGO, Calif. - American Technology Corporation (ATC) (Nasdaq: ATCO) a leading innovator of proprietary sound reproduction technologies and products, today announced that there have been several successful deployments by leading police departments around the country of its directed sound technology, the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD). Most recently in June, the Santa Ana, Calif. SWAT team used LRAD to drive gang members from a house in their community.

LRAD is a breakthrough long-range hailing and warning, directed acoustic device designed to communicate with authority and exceptionally high intelligibility in a 15-30° beam. It can issue a verbal challenge with instructions in excess of 500 meters and has the capability of following up with a warning tone to influence behavior or determine intent. In serving a search warrant on the Santa Ana house, the SWAT team turned on the LRAD tone for 30 seconds and swept the house that the suspects were in. Their initial intel was that three or four suspects were inside the house, but after employing the LRAD, 10 suspects emerged from the house without the need for any type of lethal force or sending officers inside.

Santa Ana SWAT Team Commander Tony Levatino said, “We used LRAD on a search warrant on the house, and it worked like a charm. The team operated it and used the tones to wake the house up, and everyone clearly heard the instructions.”

Police departments around the county now are using new intense, directed sound technology in a wide range of situations:

    - The NYPD used LRAD to control crowds during last year’s RNC protests and during New Year's Eve at Times Square.
    - The New York Port Authority has used it to hail many boats suspected of posing threats.
    - The Boston PD deployed an LRAD in Kenmore Square during the most recent Super Bowl celebration.
    - The Broward County, Fla. port patrol used the technology to patrol the water front at the Fort Lauderdale convention center in June when President Bush spoke at the OAS, pushing back the security perimeter over 200 meters and dispersing trespassers without having to send patrols.
About American Technology Corporation
American Technology Corporation is Shaping the Future of Sound® by developing, manufacturing and globally distributing its proprietary sound technologies and products which include: the award-winning HSS® (HyperSonic® Sound technology); LRAD™ (Long Range Acoustic Device); NeoPlanar® planar magnetic technology and others. The Company is establishing a strong portfolio of patents, trademarks, and intellectual property including over 160 U.S. and foreign patents and patent filings to date. For more information on the company and its technologies and products please visit our web site at www.atcsd.com.

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