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Pepperball Technologies Releases New Hand-Held Less-Lethal Launcher

San Diego – PepperBall Technologies, Inc., the leading producer of non-lethal weapons solutions, has expanded its product line with the new portable, hand-held SA-10NX PepperBallТ system. The SA-10NX launcher, which can be carried in a shoulder or thigh holster, is designed to help achieve suspect compliance or marking, inmate management, personal protection, barricade extraction, animal control and more.

The SA-10NX joins the PepperBall family of systems that have proven to be safe and effective by more than 3,000 public and private agencies worldwide, with more than 10 million projectiles sold and thousands of lives saved. The SA-10NX will give authorized agents an opportunity to easily employ the proven safe and effective PepperBall technology in a whole new range of law enforcement, private security, corrections, bail enforcement and other single or multiple assailant applications," said George Burkle, general manager of PepperBall Technologies, Inc.

The integrated SA-10NX system, designed for personal carry and quick deployment, offers rugged construction and simple use. The CO2 –powered handheld launcher works with all PepperBall projectiles, including hot PAVA pepper, inert training, animal control, dye-marking and glass break projectiles. Rapid-reload magazines allow for quickly launching up to 10 rounds with 60-foot accuracy. Custom-designed SA-10NX shoulder or thigh holsters are available, as is a removable rail for mounting laser sights or other accessories on the launcher.

"The ability of the SA-10NX launcher to be easily carried and rapidly reloaded makes the advantages of PepperBall technology more readily available to a wider market," Burkle said. "The SA-10NX system is a n ideal choice for agencies looking for a replacement to electronic stun guns or other less-than-lethal weapons."

PepperBall products use unique Chem-neticsä technology to effectively achieve subject compliance. Affected individuals experience the psyc hological shock of being struck by the powerful yet less-than-lethal kinetic impact of a hard frangible round and the release of potent PAVA (capsaicin II) pepper super-irritant. These combined affects make PepperBall products extremely effective while lowering the level of kinetic impact relied upon by other less-than-lethal products. PepperBall products can also be used without impact to create contained clouds of PAVA for breaking barricades or extracting unauthorized individuals from secured premises.


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