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Illinois Police Department to purchase Stingers

Chief compares Stingers to Tasers; disputes Taser funded CRT study


TAMPA, Fla. -- Stinger Systems, Inc., a leader in electro-stun technology today announced that the Nauvoo Police Department has purchased Stinger S-200 projectile stun guns.

Chief Don Faulkner wanted to equip his department with projectile stun weapons. He considered the Stinger S-200 and the Taser X26(R) products. Feature for feature, including price, he found the Stinger S-200 to be more compelling. He then had six individuals including himself stunned by each weapon (video can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo44mTP-KfQ).

"My goal is to find a product that will not only benefit my department but would benefit all law enforcement agencies. I compared the two products on an even playing field and concluded the Stinger is the superior product. Furthermore, I've seen the Taser funded study that includes Taser board of advisor members and instructors that supposedly compares the Taser to the Stinger. In my opinion, and speaking not only as an individual but as a chief of police, the CRT study is completely inaccurate. I believe that either CRT had an agenda, or they must not have had the most current model Stinger that is on the market."

Chief Faulkner continued, "I can guarantee you that the S-200 has plenty of takedown power. The beauty of the S-200 is the engineering. The gun allows for tremendous stopping power yet was less painful than the Taser weapon. The Taser caused a great deal of pain. I now believe that it is not necessary that a stun product has to inflict this much pain to immobilize them. Obviously, with more pain, safety concerns crossed my mind."

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Stinger Systems, Inc., a leading provider of electro stun technologies, develops and sells a broad array of products utilizing advanced electro sparc- pulsed technology to police, corrections, and security sectors worldwide. http://www.stingersystems.com/.

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Source: Stinger Systems, Inc.

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