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Lightfield Less Lethal Research Releases Innovative New Loads for 37mm Platform

Lightfield Less Lethal Research is announcing the release of  innovative new loads for the 37mm platform. The new 37mm/12ga loads overcome several significant issues with the 37mm for both police and correctional agencies.

37mm munitions are often hampered by stand-off distances that exceed 10 yards. These new loads use standard 12 ga Lightfield SuperStar and StarLite loads fixed in a lightweight plastic body. This combination allows 1 and 2 yard engagement distances not previously possible with the 37mm.

This will allow Corrections and Law Enforcement teams to deploy effective Less Lethal deterrents for Cell Extractions and Close-Range Riot situations without using a shotgun based platform.  The cost to the agency will be 1/3 to 1/2 of the normal 37mm load.

These loads are also clearly marked with a headstamp style label to allow the user to instantly identify and select the proper load either in the tactical vest or while loaded in the chamber.

Other 37mm, 40mm Less Lethal as well as 12 ga breaching loads are being released shortly. Please check our website at www.lightfieldlesslethal.com. Please contact us with any questions you might have.

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